Mermaid Costumes


Mermaid Costumes



Mermaids have always stood for magic, power, beauty and grace. It is no wonder that girls usually want to dress up as mermaids for their Halloween costume parties. A mermaid costume can also ooze sex appeal if worn by an adult. One might be very confused as to where a good looking mermaid costume can be located. You can always make your own mermaid costume. Before we get into the details, let’s see what a mermaid costume typically consists of.



What does a mermaid costume look like?


A mermaid costume is indeed beautiful to sport in any costume or Halloween party. The top is fairly skimpy, usually leaving the hips exposed. The bottom can be a skin tight skirt, tight pants or any close fitting garment. Hair do’s and accessories are some places where the mermaid costumes really score. Mermaid costumes come with a plethora of accessories, jewelry and add-ons!



How do you make a mermaid costume on your own?


A mermaid costume might look like it involves weeks of tailoring and hard work, but it is a very simple affair. Luckily, the top hardly involves any work at all. A swimsuit top would do the trick perfectly. Since the mermaid is a sea creature, colors that would compliment your costume’s look are blue, aqua and green. Silver would also do a great job, but finding a silver swimsuit top could be exasperating. You can always glue sea shells on to the surface of the top to make it look even better. A pearl necklace would suit the costume perfectly. However, even a simple flower necklace could do the trick. Hair is something that a mermaid costume can really afford to experiment on. Whether you spike your hair up if you have short hair, or let your hair loose all the way, you really can’t go wrong in this area. Clam shaped hair clips are common in the market, or you can even wear a crown of flowers! Some other accessories that could spruce up your mermaid costume are scepters, crowns or perhaps even a sword and a shield. You could always even glue shells on to your old purse or hand bag and this would compliment your costume perfectly. Another nice idea for your purse would be to draw and paint on its surface to make it look like a fish. What better company for a mermaid than her fish friend!


The mermaid bottom is the most intricate and complex part involved in making the mermaid costume. However, depending on the need of the occasion, one can create a bottom that is simple and gets the point across, or make a beautiful bottom that will dazzle and grab looks! If you use a skirt, make sure that the skirt is tight, all the way from the hips, right down to the knees. If you need to walk around a lot, it’s always advisable to flare them out from knee onward to make for comfortable walking. Tight pants are also a great idea and would be ideal for kid’s costumes. You can spice up the bottom by adding reflective material like glitter and reflective or even glow in the dark paint to it. You can even glue on some more sea shells and pearls to make it look flashier. Wave like patterns usually do the trick when it comes to painting on your skirt or tight pants. The color of the bottom is also important; make sure you stick to blue, light green, purple or aqua. Your sandals can be your normal ones, but with some reflective paper or glitter paper stuck on it. You could also try and make your footwear look like flippers. This will clearly keep others wondering how you manage to walk in that costume!


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