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We are slowly building a gigantic mermaid image bank. which you will be able to trawl to find the best and the brightest mermaid pictures, paintings, and artworks that have been created. Stay tuned for more mermaid pictures added each week.

Mermaid art is everywhere…

For Disney Ariel has been a million dollar mermaid. The Little Mermaid DVD has sold thousands and thousands of copies. There is even a Little Mermaid game available for the computer.

There is a Barbie mermaid figure. You can find prints, posters, dolls, figurines, all sorts of artwork. There are clothing items such as: purses, skirts, even bedding.

beautiful mermaid 1

Mermaids are sexy…

The mermaid is a sex symbol. Even women see her as beautiful and sensual. There is nothing sexist or demeaning in this. These are some of the mermaid’s strongest qualities: her freedom and her confidence.

In the book “The Mermaid Chair” by Sue Monk Kidd, the protagonist begins to paint pictures of herself as a mermaid. Her mermaid art helps her to get a better hold on the under-developed parts of her character.

Mermaids are mystical…

For me, mermaid art connects to something mystical in the human psyche. I remember once many years ago I had spent a day alone at the shore. When the sun set I went to a seafood restaurant on the bay. After the meal, I was going back to my car when I heard a splashing sound like someone coming out of the water…

Immediately, an image flashed into my mind. I saw a mermaid just off shore, wrapped in her beauty and mystery. The feeling was caught up with the day I had spent, the night, and the bright lights at sea. I had a very strong sensation of someone actually being there.

This powerful experience stayed with me for months only gradually fading away. The emotions I had then re-occur almost every time I am at the shore.

I invite you to enter this site, read the stories and look at the pictures. You will see what mermaids mean to me, what they mean to others, and perhaps what they mean to you.


A Friendly Warning

Some of the mermaid art in this site contains nudity, hopefully always in good taste. This is inevitable given the subject matter. If it will bother you then all you have to do is avoid the galleries. There are plenty of stories and lots of information about mermaids in the rest of the site.


Enough talk already! If you want to jump right to the galleries and see some mermaid art you can click on any of the following links. The art galleries are interlinked so you can move from one to the other without returning to this page or the list of all galleries. To go to the list of all galleries just click “Galleries” on the navbar on any page, or click “All Galleries” below.

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  1. Hello!my name is Olga.I have 18 years old and Im from puerto Rico.Bot I have somten to saed.I dock now why bot I love the mermaids is somten I feold is and my blood.Like when I suem and the water i suem like a reuld mermaid I now is strueny.I tryin to suem like a normol person bot I quen because when i suem like a mermaid I feold like I have a teld, and when Im and the water I feold like I born for da.And no I dont thinck Im a mermaid.I love the water is my life.When I see a pooh and I quen guet in I emaginaed Im and the water; bot when I do da I feold Like Im and the pooh.das is not the honly think I quen teck the blid a alon time.I teld you dis because I guant to ckno why I feold like da and I guant do you teld me mor about mermaid bacause im ruily interest for mermaids.I love the move litle mermaid is my favoryt move I sow da move and my first time when I was like 11,10 years old.wheol da was my story plis ruit me bag if you guant to hask me a queicheon ok. thancks for rued this beatyfoll story

  2. i love nermaid as a story………………… no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hello there! i’m glad i found this site. see, i have a friend whom i call Mermaid because of the way she moves and speaks and looks. her movements are very willowy and graceful and she speaks like she’s about to sing. her voice is very lilting. her hair is also wavy.

  4. are mermaids are real? If it is true why I cant see it.

  5. Mermaid’s a real when the blood of a fish and human cobined.

  6. mermaids r totally fake and FYI i havent seen any mermaid pics that were convencing or i havent seen any mermaids when i go to the ocean if they exist why cant we find any trace of them like bones?????


  8. If your a real Mermaid,how did you turn into one? did you go into a “magical cave” like the one in H2O?

  9. omg r mermaids real?? i just want an answer for it!! its very interesting!!!

  10. its real the mermaid. i wanna know if mermaid its real

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