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We are always interested in your favorite mermaid images, sites, or stories. Perhaps you have a mermaid story you want to share. Or you have seen a movie you want to talk about – or image or website you want to show others.
Leave them here! Also leave a link back to the original source and/ or a link to your own website, myspace, twitter or blog. We will read through all submissions and publish the very best on!

8 Responses to “Suggest a Mermaid Site or Story”

  1. Well I very obviously will suggest the original story, The Little Mermiad by Hans Christian Andersen. It is very well written and tears at your heart, here is the link.


  3. This is a very nice mermaid and merman site with lots of great new fairytales and beautiful artwork, info , and mythology you should have in your mermaid site listings.

  4. I paint mermaids on driftwood that I find. I also have a Facebook Fan Page for my art:

    :) Karen

  5. I’m a photographer and I’ve recently been working on mermaid images for a client and it kind of expanded from one shot to a few.

    Would be interested in opinions on the work :-)

  6. hey!! i have a mermaid site that talks all about mermaids and in a mermaid’s perspective!!

  7. I recently discovered this amazing website. The artist is truly amazing Check it out on Her designs are very latin and with mermaids in mind.

  8. hey be careful what you say about your self being a mermaid you could get in trouble if your real im a (safehouse AKA Nef) be careful not to get cuaght i warn all of you all over the internet

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