Real Mermaids

Real mermaids – are they fact or fiction?

The question has puzzled sailors, scientists, and writers and poets ever since the earliest days of sea travel. The truth is, in this day of high tech equipment and underwater cameras and submarines, we are no closer to knowing exactly if mermaids exist or not.

One of the pieces in this puzzle comes from realizing that many sea creatures can, at times, grow to have human like characteristics. Sea Cows can mutate to have very human looking features because, as mammals, they once lived on land as monkeys, and ony later returned to the sea. Humans, too, can grow in the womb with fused feet in a process known as Sirenomelia. Our earliest ancestors were sea creatures, and it is for this reason that babies can be born that look identical to the mermaids depicted by sailors and artists from the past.

If this can occur in people in cities, how much more could it happen in isolated ocean communities, in islands and peninsulas away from the towns we have today? And if a group of these babies were born and lived in the seas, what if they formed families and reproduced, continuing and perhaps developing this condition. It would certainly help them survive when the main source of protein was fish and looking for food underwater.

People are always fascinated by the stories, legends and mythologies of mermaids speculations about real mermaids continue to exist. People for ages have been looking for real live mermaids that seeing sea animals like the Manatee, or sea cow, are often mistaken to be real mermaid sightings. Other creatures that are featured in the museums from the 1800’s are fakes, build to cash in for a curiosity with these magical creatures from the sea.

Such fakers would usually find a preserved body of a monkey, and a large fish such as a Groper or other reef fish. Using the taxidermist’s art, these two creatures could be combined to form one seamless ‘creature’. A clue to spotting these types of fakes is if the ‘mermaids’ are said to be only baby or pigmy mermaids. Full sized mermaids are too difficult to make, as monkeys only grow so large.

Real Mermaids Legends and Mythologies of Mermaids

In 2005, a story of a “real mermaid” which was allegedly found in Chennai following the Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004 circulated in the internet.The story was backed up with pictures of the Legendary creature with mermaids tail which inevitably made people ask “do mermaids really exist?”.

According to Source, the body of the “real mermaid” is at the Egmore museum guarded under tight security. Does this prove that mermaids are real? The source claims that the mermaid called Kadal Kanni is a hoax like P. T. Barnum’s Fiji mermaid. Others are not so sure. All we can do is compile the evidence and let our science – and our imagination – take hold…

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  1. the picture of the mermaid was scary i hope i never turn into one! *scared as a fish*

  2. You guys dont know what you are talking about!!!!! If you are mermaids then how do you have a computer??? I beleive in mermaids and skylar how do you know they dont exist have you ever seen a mermaid???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. what happened to page one of this?

  4. im a merimad howdo you know as a mermaid i was called chorllet you know i love being a humon you know why becase 20 years out of the sea hhh miss friends and family

  5. as a humon name s lexi if you dont know im 17

  6. I wish that I was a mermaid sometimes…
    I have been fascinated with mermaids since I was a little girl.
    I still truly believe in them too.
    If I could just see a real one..just one time!
    My life would finally be complete…

  7. do mermaids exist

  8. so lexi, is that how a REAL mermaid looks like? O.o

  9. I have seen a mermaid before. with my own eyes!

  10. as i think all stories like this it was a miracle and their was a hard to believed because we have a fiction thought regarding in this issue like UFO, ghost, a lot more things that cant explain.

    guys we know that have a lot of strategies happen in the middle of the sea, all species leave under the sea like big fish and other different animals that can revolved a year..

    all human died under the sea maybe their body was eaten then their human part with their semen or eggcell can frozen coz..

    so that what i think the body of animals under the sea plus the body of dieng human, can evolved as once.

  11. i hope you can give me the right answer… but i think mermaid doesn’t exsist yet……..

  12. it is just made by our imagination cause… i got a lot of curiosity in my life…….all about mermaids,dragon,fairies,angels..and lot….
    but sometimes i can say its true that this creatures exsist already
    because how it cauld be drwn if its not true……..???


  14. I dont care about mermaids, I wanna find a merMAN! OUCH!!

  15. Is there a single SANE person here?

  16. hey guys

    i really realyy wish if i become a mermaid.have u guys really hv seen mermaids berfore in u r own eyes!!.i think that i belive in this is so staff,anyways u guys plzz give me an answer,ok

    thanks,have a nice day ull!! :)

  17. in school we are reading a book about mermaids!
    are they real?
    have you proved that there real?

  18. is really mermaid? or dolls?

  19. well ii mean iidkk about mermaidszx buh im doinqq a project on dhem &&-so far they borinqq real talqk.. t2 many fake stuff

  20. elow..all i also love mermaid..\
    but they were scary1!huhuhu

  21. your making me wanna cry, not because i like mermaids but because i know someone who LOVES mermaids and I’m gonna recommend this site.

  22. hmmm… I really wanna know if mermaids do exist in this world….

  23. is it really a mermaid? that thing on the picture… it looks like a creepy doll for me…. and why is it so white? hmmmm why don’t they try to open up its body to see what’s inside… LOL….

  24. maybe mermaids exist in the deepest part of the ocean….

  25. i dont know if u people r inseane but i just dont know wat to belive in anymore

  26. some people dont belive in stuff but i belive in mermaids and dat is just my opinion people if u have a problem then tell me

  27. are they really exit….its quite interesting but its scared….

  28. i believe in vampires and shit like that

  29. WOW!
    mermaids dont really exist and thet pic is done by a computer-

  30. i dont know but i feel ……mermaids exists…


  32. mermaids are real.And when I was 2 I LOVED mermaids.I made a poem about mermaids here it is……Mermaids.Mermaids mermaids swimming around.Seeing creatures of the sea.Riding on dolphins.Siting on rocks and combing their hair.Having a great time in the sea.By Sophia

  33. seriously i have seen a mermaid. i tried to take a pic but it disappeared. she had black hair. she had a green like tail and she was very beautiful. it was so amazing and i was so surprised. i hope all of you get to have the same experience.

  34. that is so fake i don’t belive in marmaid

  35. i love mermaids.But sometimes ithink there fake .When i look at mermaid pictures i thinkl there fake because they just dont look real.But i dont know if there real or not if they are then i would love to be a mermaid!

  36. basia i think your right i dont think mermaids are real i just think there computerfiction.


  38. is this like a really mermaid thats weird :D

  39. pleaseee! NO MORE SKELETON-MERMAIDS! they are way too scary for me!!!

  40. hey that creepy pic is fake ive checked and mermaids can blend in to modern times yes they are real and they do not go around saying lokk at me that would just be dumb dont ask how i know some things are just left untold but belive me

  41. mermaids are just Greek mythology, they are not true, they don’t exist in this modern world,

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