Real Mermaids

Real mermaids – are they fact or fiction?

The question has puzzled sailors, scientists, and writers and poets ever since the earliest days of sea travel. The truth is, in this day of high tech equipment and underwater cameras and submarines, we are no closer to knowing exactly if mermaids exist or not.

One of the pieces in this puzzle comes from realizing that many sea creatures can, at times, grow to have human like characteristics. Sea Cows can mutate to have very human looking features because, as mammals, they once lived on land as monkeys, and ony later returned to the sea. Humans, too, can grow in the womb with fused feet in a process known as Sirenomelia. Our earliest ancestors were sea creatures, and it is for this reason that babies can be born that look identical to the mermaids depicted by sailors and artists from the past.

If this can occur in people in cities, how much more could it happen in isolated ocean communities, in islands and peninsulas away from the towns we have today? And if a group of these babies were born and lived in the seas, what if they formed families and reproduced, continuing and perhaps developing this condition. It would certainly help them survive when the main source of protein was fish and looking for food underwater.

People are always fascinated by the stories, legends and mythologies of mermaids speculations about real mermaids continue to exist. People for ages have been looking for real live mermaids that seeing sea animals like the Manatee, or sea cow, are often mistaken to be real mermaid sightings. Other creatures that are featured in the museums from the 1800’s are fakes, build to cash in for a curiosity with these magical creatures from the sea.

Such fakers would usually find a preserved body of a monkey, and a large fish such as a Groper or other reef fish. Using the taxidermist’s art, these two creatures could be combined to form one seamless ‘creature’. A clue to spotting these types of fakes is if the ‘mermaids’ are said to be only baby or pigmy mermaids. Full sized mermaids are too difficult to make, as monkeys only grow so large.

Real Mermaids Legends and Mythologies of Mermaids

In 2005, a story of a “real mermaid” which was allegedly found in Chennai following the Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004 circulated in the internet.The story was backed up with pictures of the Legendary creature with mermaids tail which inevitably made people ask “do mermaids really exist?”.

According to Source, the body of the “real mermaid” is at the Egmore museum guarded under tight security. Does this prove that mermaids are real? The source claims that the mermaid called Kadal Kanni is a hoax like P. T. Barnum’s Fiji mermaid. Others are not so sure. All we can do is compile the evidence and let our science – and our imagination – take hold…

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  1. so you not sure hmm i think they are i think mermaids real i can help you with that well you said it found in Chennai in Indian and tsunamiin how did that get there i think the mermaid swim to Chennal in Indian maybe she swim back and fouth maybe the mermaid got tied of swim back and foruth or maybe was bad storm i know it real i dont know andybetter that hold there beth in the water

  2. thats so cool!

  3. u should take more pictures of the mermaid

  4. I think mermaids do exists.

  5. I have a very strong pull towards the belief of mermiads. It is one thing in my future that I hope to pursue. I have always wanted to buy a boat and spend my life on the sea searching for these creatures. I just wish that other people would take the possobility of them existing a little more seriously. I know they are real. It is just that feeling inside of me that makes me say that, and even if there was some way to prove that they weren’t real, and they did prove them wrong, I would still believe. Mermaids and Fairies are two things that I will always pursue in my life. However, Fairies do have more credibility, since they were every day things that people saw in scotland and Ireland in history, but still, the pull toward the mermaid is too strong.

    And the idea of manatee’s being seen as a mermaid I think is outrageous, the seal idea would be more suited, because even when they do surface for feeding, or when they are infected with a parasite, they only come up with their back or belly present. Columbus said he saw three creatures jumping out of the water, not floating atop it.

  6. is it real marmaid

  7. i like mermaids

  8. i like mermaids i like ricki she is so cool

  9. do u no a lot about mermaids (cleo)

  10. hi! i lov mermaid i always dreaming that im was mermaid.

  11. If mermaids are or were real what did they eat and how long could they stay above the water before diving back in. How long could the stay in the water before upping for air

  12. Are those pictures are reliable?

  13. Show us REAL mermaids and not people dressed as mermaids

  14. Show jus REAL meramids, and people dressed up as mermaids either


  16. And besides kids also want to know if mermaids are real and its not 12:28 AM its5:30 PM

  17. Greatings, to GoogleReader!


  18. the pictures are cool.

  19. love the cite super cool love the pic. so cool.

  20. Hey, Everyone I think they’re real too…..

  21. I think they are real,they’re just not ready to show themselves yet,so they send the hoaxes to keep you interested so you won’t forget about them…….

  22. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to know if meremaids exist.My question is still not answered,but soon it will be.

  23. wow,hearing that, i do now belive a little more in mermaids!

  24. i think mermaids do exists in real life

  25. are mermaids pretty or ugly cus in that picture it looked ugly

  26. what about other pictures of a mermaids?

  27. i happen to be one and my tail is orange and yellow. you have to beleive me please. i live in Austrailia please beleive me. i love my tail. i am 13 years old and i have a mermaid tail.

  28. that is a doll

  29. i wish i could find out if they are but i have a feeling they are

  30. hey all of you out there that want to know about mermaids…….im a mermaid…..when i touch any water, a tail grows. when im dry, i have human feet..and were pretty not ugly..

  31. oh yes i am a purple tailed mermaid. when i touch water 4 15 seconds i grow a 3ft tail. and when im completely dry, i have regular human feet. i can hold my breath for 30 minutes.(cuz im a mermaid duh!) and we keep it a secret cuz i dont wanna become a science project. so NO mermaids ARE NOT FANTASY they ARE REAL CUZ I AM 1!!!!only me and my bff know about this.and we DO NOT have powers. the swim u ltr!

  32. if they have a skeleton a real one not that thing up there but if they have one.{witch they do}then i say they are real.

  33. i have seen a mermaid, me and a friend (jess) were out at sea,(not very far, just around 3-4 km) when i thought i saw something shimmer over the side so i leaned over and jess thought it was funny to push me over and i fell in,i opened my eyes and saw a face around 2 inches in front of me,i went back a little thinking it was jess but i realised it wasnt, i looked into her face (she was distinctly pretty,neverv seen any thing like it)she had pink(yes pink) eyes and strange green,blonde hair, and a long green,blue tail.

  34. IM A MERMAID PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  35. so do u have any proof that their are real mermaids

  36. I though mermaids were sexy.. this is one ugly mermaid.

  37. I wouldn’t say mermaid but maybe a alien…

  38. wow i never thought thet were reale you know i didnt tell that i saw one whith blue eye and pink and brown hair

  39. it is a mermaid mermaids can stay under water 4 atleast 8 hours and eat fish like sardines

  40. wow. i can believed if mermaid is real..are they have immortality?

  41. hey again. look if u wanna c me with my tail i live in north
    carolina wilmington.
    there is a little island and i go there all the time.
    i am a mermaid and if u wanna c me go there.
    believe me plz.
    i love my tail….

  42. i believemermaids really exist i havent seen one myself but i really think that picture was real but when i was a littlegirl id dreamof being a mermaid and swimimg with dolphins i love the sea i always though mermaids would be beautiful and more human like with hair a realllllllllllllllly long tail and friendly but those mermaids in the pictures are probily more like peronas

  43. I’m am 10 years old and I believe that mermaids exist. Try not to find them for I was once taken by mermaids and the last thing they want is to be found. Plus that picture of a real mermaid is fake.

  44. I love mermaids more than anyone in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

  45. does anyone knoow about the histery of mermaids. it is truely interesting i tried to expain to my dad but he calls it sillyness

  46. hey skyler, if you have proove that you are a real mermaid then email a picture to me of yourself on

  47. If it is real then i salute to the Nature’s Creature………

  48. They are real. My real mom was one. scince im not full mermaid, I have only had my tail 5 times, when I swim my legs get stuck together, and on rare occations I can hold my breath for awayale but thats only happened 3 times in my life. the first one is when I didnt know how to swim. I fell out of my floaty and went to the bottem of the pool. I could breath fine! I was watching bubbles when my mom dove in. I reamember it so clearly like it was yesterday. it happened when I was 5 now im 11. My tail is dark blue and 4 feet long now.

  49. hey skyler I want to see you with your tail. I have always wanted to know another mermaid. email me at! Send me your pic!

  50. im not mermaid!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DONT EXIST!!!!! lollollollollollollol

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